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The step-by-step process I used to learn 4 programming languages and clear a difficult interview.

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In college, I had to learn three programming languages. For preparing for job interviews, I learned a fourth, a completely new one. As technology evolves every year, being a techie means I have to keep updating my technical skills beyond these four languages if I want to grow in my field. Thankfully, learning a new skill is no longer daunting for me ever since I started using learning journey maps to systematize and increase the efficiency of what I learn.

Doing so has helped me top university among a batch of 400+ students, pick up four programming languages with professional…

The end of a lengthy terminal illness affects each member of the family in its own ways

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I lost my father to cancer in 2008.

His loss was the end of a year-long struggle with the disease. That year, according to WHO reports, 7.6 million people lost their lives to cancer. The number mounts still. 2018 registered 18.1 million cancer-related deaths.

It’s true when they say that unlike other diseases, cancer doesn’t just affect the patient’s body. Studies show, and the sufferer’s peers agree, that it deeply affects their family and friends too.

My experience is a testimony to this statement. …

The detailed plan that cut my food costs in half, cleared my skin, and helped me lose weight sustainably

Picture of two bowls of colorful salads.
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I remember the wintry nights of December 2019 when I used to finish a 300 ml ice-cream tub all by myself in a matter of an hour or two. Yes, the ice-cream melted. But I hardly cared.

That I’d already gobbled up a ten-inch pizza before this didn’t deter me.

I knew something was wrong with me when copious amounts of the tastiest junk foods stopped satiating my hunger. …

I’ve done both extensively. Here’s my verdict.

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Ever since I picked up serious reading a year ago, I understood that there are too many books in the world and too little time. You have two options: pick the best books and take your time with those, or read multiple books at once.

After reading close to 100 books and alternating between the two methods, I still haven’t figured what works for me. But I’ve understood the nuances of both these methods, which I discuss below.

I leave it up to you to decide between juggling multiple books at once or dedicating all your concentration to one book…

Not every friendly gesture is a blessing.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

“Evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of any relationship is your responsibility. You do not have to passively accept what is brought to you. You can choose.”

Deborah Day

Friendship is such a positive word that we assume everything that surrounds it is rosy and good. However, like all relationships, friendship has its own caveats. Not all friends are healthy for you, and not all friendly gestures are acceptable.

Sometimes, your friends do certain things in the name of care that might actually be toxic. Then again, they might not intend any harm. But they might be crossing boundaries and…

Habits to adapt if you’re serious about writing

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Anybody with a laptop and an internet connection can be a writer today. However, it takes some effort before you can call yourself a professional writer.

I learned this only recently, even though I’ve been writing for seven years. Since last year, I’ve been working closely with professionals. This has exposed me to the next level of writing life. Taking a cue out of the way they operate, I’ve changed a lot of things about the way I write and manage my writing. Doing this has helped me increase both the quality of my work and my writing income consistently.

If you're into books, you can’t miss these

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Reading books a multidimensional experience. There’s more to it than just sitting around with books all day long. Discussing latest releases, keeping a tab on the current reads, hunting for the next read, and struggling to find the perfect book are some things we book-lovers keep ourselves occupied with even when we’re not reading.

A book reader spends a lot of time doing other book-related activities besides reading, but you don’t need to do all this manually. There are tons of websites on the internet to help you. I follow some of these websites closely, and they play an important…

Books to add to your busy schedule

Photo by Rendy Novantino on Unsplash

Building an everyday reading habit can change your life.

An improved vocabulary, increased concentration, reduced stress levels, IQ boost, and adding years to your life are among the several life-changing benefits of daily reading. You can rake in these benefits even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. A study by Scientific Learning Corporation shows that reading for just 10 minutes every day can increase your word exposure by 104%.

Can you spare 10 minutes for daily reading in your life? If yes, then this article enlists 3 books to serve your purpose. These books are divided…

Why write like everyone else when you can write like yourself?

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You’re a writer. You want to earn a strong footing in the digital world. What is the one thing you chase the most to achieve this? You look up writing advice with success stories and try to replicate them. Out of the six years I’ve been writing professionally, I tried to do this for nearly three years.

When I started on Quora in 2014, I studied some of the big shots on the platform. I closely followed Anangsha Alammyan’s fiction. It seemed powerful enough to transport you into a parallel world. I awed at Vishnu Rajamanickam’s prowess. He was good…

Reading “The Little Prince” opened my eyes

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Grownups are odd. To quote Dave Ramsey, we buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like. Kids, on the other hand, are sorted. They get good 9 hours of sleep, don’t care what you think of them, and laugh like their life depends on it!

Kids fascinate me with the way they look at life. I was able to understand them on a deeper level after reading The Little Prince a few weeks ago. For the uninitiated, this phenomenal classic takes you on a journey of moving experiences through the eyes of…

Ruchi Das

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