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The step-by-step process I used to learn 4 programming languages and clear a difficult interview.

person with a notebook and study materials in front of them writing notes on colored pads of paper
person with a notebook and study materials in front of them writing notes on colored pads of paper

In college, I had to learn three programming languages. For preparing for job interviews, I learned a fourth, a completely new one. As technology evolves every year, being a techie means I have to keep updating my technical skills beyond these four languages if I want to grow in my field. Thankfully, learning a new skill is no longer daunting for me ever since I started using learning journey maps to systematize and increase the efficiency of what I learn.

Doing so has helped me top university among a batch of 400+ students, pick up four programming languages with professional…

The end of a lengthy terminal illness affects each member of the family in its own ways

Young woman looking out the window.
Young woman looking out the window.

I lost my father to cancer in 2008.

His loss was the end of a year-long struggle with the disease. That year, according to WHO reports, 7.6 million people lost their lives to cancer. The number mounts still. 2018 registered 18.1 million cancer-related deaths.

It’s true when they say that unlike other diseases, cancer doesn’t just affect the patient’s body. Studies show, and the sufferer’s peers agree, that it deeply affects their family and friends too.

My experience is a testimony to this statement. …

The detailed plan that cut my food costs in half, cleared my skin, and helped me lose weight sustainably

Picture of two bowls of colorful salads.
Picture of two bowls of colorful salads.

I remember the wintry nights of December 2019 when I used to finish a 300 ml ice-cream tub all by myself in a matter of an hour or two. Yes, the ice-cream melted. But I hardly cared.

That I’d already gobbled up a ten-inch pizza before this didn’t deter me.

I knew something was wrong with me when copious amounts of the tastiest junk foods stopped satiating my hunger. …

Why we must encourage this more

“Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.” — Fred Rogers

Imagine being sick and placed under a restraining order not to discuss what you feel. You’d be choked, wouldn’t you?

Then why shy away from discussing mental health at work? The place where we spend the majority of the time?

Thanks to the tectonic changes the COVID-19 lockdown has brought, our mental health has gone for a toss over the last year.

Why they’re worth revisiting

Do you find yourself going back to particular books? No matter how big your TBR is, you keep rereading them. These books feel like comfort. They feel like home. They reassure you, much like Grandma’s tales.

I have a few such comfort books. Despite the pile of new books waiting to be read, I keep rereading these in parts or whole, be it for a nugget of invaluable wisdom or to embrace their familiar feeling. Yes, these books that good. Oscar Wilde justifies their excellence aptly in his quote.

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again…

Why this gesture is always wrong and tips to deal with it

“Being stared at somehow creates a sense of shame, as though the soul suddenly assumes a face and must hide it, turning away wordless, cast off.” — Berger (1996, p. 135)

You might have come across a grayscale picture of men staring at women in shorts. Captured in 1937, it supposedly depicts the first time women wore shorts in public. In 1937, you can blame the heads turning on novelty. But what do you do someone repeatedly stares at your legs on a hot summer day in 2021?

I was taking a walk near my place last evening. It was…

As an Indian, I cannot NOT have an opinion on weddings.

Do you prefer minimalist weddings? Or would you rather go grand on your d-day? No matter what you pick, I have a healthy opinion in favor of both.

Because as an Indian, I cannot not have an opinion on weddings.

My country boasts of a $50 billion wedding market. The number grows by 25% every year. I’m pretty sure I’ve been invited to more weddings than birthday parties in my life. And now, as I reach my late 20s, I am witnessing these grand affairs closely as my own kith and kin get hitched in carefully curated and customized weddings.

Selected works of the literary world you shouldn’t miss

Google’s advanced algorithm says there are about 130 million books in the world. Yet, an average reader will be able to read only 700 in their life. Even voracious readers won’t be able to go beyond 3000 books. Why not make everything you read worth your time?

Life is too short to read bad books anyway. One of the easiest ways I’ve discovered to pick a good book is to go for the award-winning lot. Literary geniuses and thousands of readers across the world have selected these books as the best in their respective categories.

I’ve enlisted 10 such award-winning…

If anyone in your life is exhibiting these, you need to up your guard

Ever looked back upon a toxic person and wondered how they turned to be so?

My friend Sheena did too. Sheena was in a relationship with a narcissist for about a decade before they broke up. Having had my brush with a handful of toxic people, we discussed the common traits they all shared.

Our conversation led to interesting insights. We observed that most toxic people exhibited subtle signs from the start. However, they covered it up with their politeness which made them even more appealing. …

Fast-paced thrillers starring lesser-known sleuths

As a reader, my idea of a perfect weekend often includes starting a book on Friday night and finishing it on Sunday evening.

One of my preferred genres, when I do this, is fast-paced thriller and mystery. I’m already done with the popular ones(Sherlock, Agatha Christie, et al.), so my thirst for page-turning thrillers led me to discover some new and interesting detectives on the block recently. I’ve recommended three such books in this article. Although they’re part of a series, you can enjoy each one of these standalone. Each one of these books is brilliant. They’re short too. …

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